Position Description:   District 7070 Secretary Position
Details Position Title: District Secretary Length of Appointment: 3-year commitment, with yearly renewal (year 1: receiving training, year 2: full year leading in position, year 3: training successor)
Reports to: District Governor (DG), under the direction and assistance of the Administration and Support Leader
To Apply: Contact Ron Dick (ron@rrdfsi.ca)
Position Description
The District Board is seeking a Rotarian or Rotaractor from District 7070 with effective communication skills and a collaborative spirit to fill the position of District Secretary. This position is considered an officer on the District 7070 board.
Role and Responsibilities
The successful candidate will:
● Work with the DG Team to construct District meeting agendas and distribute the agendas to meeting participants in advance of the meetings.
● Take, file and distribute meeting minutes.
● Maintain record keeping system.
● Assist the DG and the District Leadership Team (DLT) with district communications.
● Advise the District Governor on potential appointments to District committees.
● Actively engage in succession planning by identifying someone to fulfill this District Secretary role, with the successor identified by the end of year 2 of this 3-year term.
● Add district meetings to the district calendar, as directed.
● Keep knowledgeable on district initiatives and programs.
● Follow communication standards provided to ensure knowledge transcends between DGs from year to year, and to other DLT members as necessary.
● Follow standards to send district communications when requested.
● Act as the filter between the DG, DLT and district Rotarians for district communications.
● Be the voice of continuity and good record keeping practices.
● Assist in developing and maintaining good communication and record keeping standards. Coordinate with the Technology Committee and Technology Secretary to facilitate standards.
● Collaborate with the Assistant Governors (AGs) in scheduling and planning the District Governor’s official visit. Ensure all meetings are listed on the District Calendar.
● Attend, and actively promote, attendance at the District Conference and other District meetings.
● Organize special and regular in-person or virtual meetings as requested by the District Governor.
● Attend Assistant Governors’ meetings, when possible, to keep a pulse on the district activities and club issues.
● Be an active member in good standing in a District 7070 Club for at least 3 years.
● Have served at the district level or have served in a significant manner at the Club level.
● Have the enthusiasm to assist and support the district leadership and, in particular, the DG in attaining their goals.
Required Skills Required  Leadership Skills:
● Ability and willingness to collaborate, including respect for diversity of perspectives and experiences.
● Ability to self-motivate and demonstrate self-discipline.
● Desire to keep things on track.
● Personal commitment to maintaining integrity.
Required Technical Skills:
● Excellent communication skills (written and oral).
● Good organizational skills.
● Knowledge of or ability to learn technology to maintain record keeping standards.
Required Travel: In this new age of video meetings, most meetings will occur electronically. However, upon return to normal interactions, the successful candidate would be required to travel to a central location to attend meetings, usually on a monthly basis. Additionally, there may be a number of trips required per year to attend other meetings as requested by the District Leadership Team (i.e. District Team Training, PETS training, District Assembly, District Conference). Most meetings are held online or, when allowed for, in-person meetings are held in Oshawa or Scarborough.
Preferred Skills Preferred Leadership Skills:
● A fun, get-it-done attitude.
● Flexible and adaptable.
Preferred Technical Skills:
● Knowledge of and proficiency with District 7070 Website, ClubRunner & My Rotary.
● Knowledge of Google Drive or other technologies that may be used