Objective: To fulfill the RI objective of promotion of peace and understanding through the sharing of cultures and experiences. To facilitate local YE participation Outbound and ensure broad Club participation in hosting and entertaining Inbound YE. To coordinate host families for Inbound Students. Vision: Ensure that local kids and their school counsellors are aware of the opportunity for travel and growth through the YE program. To annually sponsor one Outbound student from our local schools, having been selected from a broad slate of potential candidates. To have every member of the RCB participate in some form of cultural exchange with our inbound student (i.e./ meal, volunteering, day trip, vacation). To ensure that all participants have a robust and safe cultural exchange to enhance cultural exchange while mitigating Club liability. Inbound YE Students arrive in late-August and leave in mid-July. Outbound YE Students leave in late-August and arrive back in Mid-July.
Committee Members