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EarlyAct™ is a school-wide service club for elementary students in grades 3 to 8. It is sponsored by a Rotary club and its mission and operation are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary.

At a young age, all students can easily be encouraged to be caring and helpful. Their minds are open to recognizing the dignity and worth of everyone, which makes it an ideal time to build their respect for others. EarlyAct™ builds friendships among club members while promoting understanding and providing young students the opportunity to increase their awareness and knowledge of both their community and the world. 

Students identify and take actions to address real-life problems which engage them in character-building and teamwork activities that benefit their school, and local and global communities. Through their involvement, students develop leadership skills and grow confidence as they realize the significant impact of their involvement.

Additionally, the EarlyAct™ program provides the foundation for a student’s natural succession into Interact, which is a school-wide service club for high school students.

The purpose of EarlyAct™ is to provide young students with the opportunities to participate in active citizenship in a culturally diverse democratic society within an interdependent world.

The District 7070 EarlyAct Handbook is being reviewed by the Governance Committee and will be available soon. 

If you would like additional support developing an EarlyAct club or re-energizing an existing EarlyAct club within District 7070, please contact District 7070 EarlyAct Chair Heather Drakes at