Posted by Beth Selby, District 7070 Governor , 2019-20

Dear fellow Rotarians, 

The Rotary International focus for September is Basic Education and Literacy.  With almost thirty years in public education, I believe education and proficiency in literacy are keys to success in life.  I started kindergarten at age five and graduated with my Doctor of Education degree at forty-nine.  Formal education was a key aspect for most of my life. .....  


The Rotary Club of Scarborough was the recipient of the District Literacy Award two years ago.  Thanks to Rotarian Heather Lennie and members of the Club for their work on a free, online reading program.  The Free Reading Program is a program of the Education & Community Learning Centre (ECLC). It is an online literacy program that offers over 3,500 interactive, skill-building activities for learners in reading levels K-6.  As of July, 230,416 learners were enrolled from around the world. This initiative is a sustainable and innovate literacy project that can help all clubs improve their Basic Education & Literacy impact.

ECLC is a registered section 501(c)3 non-profit organization with no paid staff.  In a recent ECLC monthly report, it was stated that Rotary Clubs can get involved in the following ways:

- $250 donation for Rotary Club Set-Up (this includes promotional tools and a branded version of The Free Reading Program with your club name)

- $500/year donation for unlimited home use in your community

-$750/year donation for use in a local school that your Rotary Club would like to support.

Contact for more information about how your Club can connect the world through literacy.

Let’s ask ourselves what we can do to promote the ideals of a basic education and literacy in our community and in those with whom we come into regular contact.  Individually, we can make a difference.  Collectively, a significant impact is possible.


Yours in Rotary,


Beth Selby, District Governor 2019-20