Posted by Courtney Doldron, Secretary, BELRAG

Celebrate and build awareness of Rotary's Commitment to Basic Education and Literacy in our communities .

Four Awards of $500 USD: 3 awards for Rotary projects and one award for Rotaract projects.

Applications must be received by September 30, 2022 (Project should be currently implemented or ongoing). Please Read more to see the details.....

To enter:

• Describe your project: tell how your club decided the need, what Rotarians are doing to address that need (any community partners)

• Explain the impact, and tell who benefits from the project • How are Rotarians involved?

• How is the project promoted?

• 2-3 photos (include a signed release for photos of children) Include:

• Name, contact info of Rotarian submitting application

• Club name & District number

• City, State/province/Country

Send to:

For further information, guidelines, project evaluation rubric Rotarian submitting project must be a current member of BELRAG