Posted by Courtney Doldron, Secretary of Basic Education & Literacy Rotary Action Group

Here is a note from Carolyn Johnson, Chair of BELRAG ( Basic Education & Literacy Rotary Action Group)

Imagine Rotary!   Imagine the impact if every Rotary and Rotaract Club was involved in a significant, meaningful literacy or education project in their community.   This July newsletter describes how Rotarians are taking the world they imagine and making it a reality.  Read about BELRAG's (Basic Education & Literacy Rotary Action Group) presence at the otary International Convention in Houston and the projects we hi-lighted at our booth and the break out session we hosted.  From early childhood learning to using technology to support education, Rotarians imagined innovative and impactful projects that have been put into action.......

Imagine Rotary!  Is your club involved in a community literacy project? Imagine how you could improve that project if your club received one of the BELRAG Literacy Month Awards.  In September, Basic Education & Literacy Month, awards of $500 USD will be presented the clubs with the best BEL projects.  At least one of those awards is designated for a Rotaract led project, so encourage the Rotaractors in your district to share their support of education.

Imagine Rotary!  Meet our BELRAG board - and our four new Directors.  These outstanding Rotarians will help us expand our connections with literacy and education programs around the world.

Imagine Rotary! By partnering with Save the Children, BELRAG awarded grants to fourteen Rotary Clubs and Districts who serve rural communities in the US.  These programs partnered with libraries and school districts to keep kids reading during the summer months when school is not in session.  

Imagine Rotary - and how we can make a difference if every Rotary and Rotaract Club identifies and implements a quality education and literacy project this year.

Carolyn Johnson

Chair of BELRAG