Posted by Bill Empey, Honouring Indigenous People, District Coordinator, Rotary District 7070

The Covenant of Nations will bring together elders from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Anishinaabeg nation in a sacred renewal of Wampum Belt agreements that establish peaceful relations and resource sharing.  These agreements cover the area surrounding the Great Lakes and were last renewed before the arrival of settlers.  Rotary is being asked to support this initiative.  This reflects the trust and friendship established between Rotary and the indigenous community. Please Read more to see how YOU can help.....

Renewing Friendship  Wampum Belt Agreement


Leaders see collaboration among indigenous people as a priority that will strengthen their voice and provide leadership offering traditional wisdom about respectful relationships and sustainability.  New Wampum Belt agreements will be considered as elders and youth join in an historic meeting.

The Covenant of Nations Program will renew spiritual traditions and sacred knowledge, teach youth, create trust, and renew council fires of peace at five locations in Ontario

Your Rotary Club can contribute.  Plan a meeting presentation on the Covenant of Nations, learn the history of First Nations in your area and consider a donation.  HIP (Honouring Indigenous People) will reach out to District Clubs to answer questions and support participation.


HIP is supporting the Covenant of Nations, Sacred Wampum Gathering and the Indigenous communities that will be celebrating the importance of peace.

The Covenant of Nations: Sacred Wampum gathering at Onondaga Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Anishinaabeg Nation will be held in Syracuse, NY, in May 2023 and will offer the first step in a continental movement to unify Indigenous Nations on Turtle Island. Such a historic meeting has not taken place between to Nations since precolonial times. The old alliances of covenants of peace and friendship encoded within wampum belts will be renewed by the spiritual leaders of both Nations. Wampum holds memory and Ancestors guard the old belts. Spiritual leaders as witnesses from other Indigenous Nations will be invited to carry the Fire home to their people to work for Peace, and respectful relationships.

HIP and Rotary have been asked to support the program and this represents a strong affirmation of the high regard the Rotary has in the indigenous community.  Clubs are encouraged to consider donations and HIP can provide a short presentation at your club meetings.


For more information contact;

Bill Empey, District 7070 Coordinator for HIP

(416) 482-4880