Posted by Stephanie Christensen Executive Director, ShelterBox Canada

Disasters don't stop for the holidays, and late last week the Philippines was hit with a devastating super typhoon, causing massive destruction and deaths. We are extremely concerned about the situation in the Philippines. Almost 500,000 people have been displaced so far, and homes have been destroyed on a massive scale. The death toll also continues to rise. This is one of the worst storms we have seen so far in 2021. Wind speeds reached 195km/h (the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane) and brought torrential rain and flooding to some of the poorest areas of the country. Read more to see how Shelterbox is responding.....

ShelterBox is responding. We have aid stored locally, and our Philippines office is working hard to support families in need.


This deadly typhoon has left hundreds of thousands of people displaced just before Christmas and the damage to homes we are witnessing is distressing.

Our team in the Philippines reports that the damage from Typhoon Rai is on a scale they simply haven’t seen before. It has left large areas of the country decimated, and we’re expecting the death toll and damage reports to get much worse. 

ShelterBox is responding with emergency shelter and vital supplies that we have stored locally, supporting Filipinos whose homes were in the path of the storm.

But we need your support.

We need your help to ensure the most vulnerable families around the world receive the aid they need. Hundreds of thousands of people are currently congregating in evacuation centers. Please help us provide emergency shelter to families who have been displaced by this massive storm.

Your donation today ensures that whenever disaster strikes, ShelterBox can be there to help.

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P.S. While our attention turns to the Philippines it is important to recognize the impact of Covid-19. Collection centers allow viruses and other illnesses to spread quickly. Your donation today will help reduce the spread of Covid and continue to help save lives. DONATE NOW