The 10 Rotary Clubs in Durham Region (and the Rotary Club of Port Hope ), on behalf of your co-hosts, the Rotary Clubs of Oshawa and Oshawa-Parkwood and Durham College invite you to District 7070's World Polio Day 2021 - Live from The Rotary Global Classroom at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario Canada.  (see the Class Page for a sneak preview right HEREThe event will run from 7 pm to about 8:30 pm live from The Rotary Global Classroom featuring Dr Bob Scott,(past Rotary International Vice-President  and Immediate Past Chair of the Rotary International Polio Plus Committee ), Mike McGovern, (the current Chair of the Rotary International Polio Plus Committee, and Dr. Tunji Funsho, Chair of Nigeria's Polio Plus Committee . We will also hear from Jennifer Jones, incoming Rotary International President and Valarie Wafer, Vice President and Director of Rotary International as well. Together, they will update all of us about Rotary's efforts with our Global Polio Eradication initiative Partners and our challenge, going forward to End Polio Now.........

With COVID-19 measures lifting ever so slightly, we are in the planning stages of District 7070's World Polio Day 2021 - Live from The Rotary Global Classroom at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario Canada. We will let you know more as details become confirmed .

Here is a video that will be seen on the Rotary International Website in their "Voices " section very soon:

We are asking Rotary and Rotaract Clubs in District 7070  to cancel the weekly meetings this week and instead, watch the livestream presentation, with their spouses and friends, as we broadcast from  the Rotary Global Classroom, in the Centre for Collaborative Education Building at Durham College, 2000 Simcoe St. N., Oshawa, ON, Canada L1G 0C5 . Many clubs have already cancelled their weekly meeting so that their members can watch. 

This livestream will be broadcast to all Rotary Clubs in District 7070, throughout Canada , and to the rest of the world. The link is now available right here and the Global Classroom's Class Page is here too with all of the event details. In addition, this the event will be livestreamed to all of the colleges and universities worldwide on the Durham College Rotary Global Classroom Network.

You will also see Rotary International's 2021 World Polio Day video during our October 21 as we  broadcast it to the world , live from the Rotary Global Classroom.

Got any questions ?? You will be able to ask questions of the distinguished panel.

Please tell everyone and be sure to share the link to the Class Page for this District 7070 Live Event as we tell the world that Rotary intends to End Polio Now. .

We ask that you tell every Rotarian and Rotaractor that you see to watch, in its entirety, starting at 7:00 pm

The link is now available right here to the 2021 World Polio Day Live from the Rotary Global Classroom of Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, 

Here is a link to the 2020 World Polio Day Livestream to give you an idea what's in store.