Posted by Iosif Ciosa, District 7070 Governor , 2022-23

In his October 2022 Newsletter, District Governor Iosif Ciosa  talks about a new club being formed, the club presidents trip to Rotary International Headquarters, the successful Rotary Foundation Walk, the Oct 14-15 District Conference (registration deadline in Oct 3), World Polio Day activities in our District(on Oct 20 and 21) , and October is  Economic and Community development Month (what is your club doing?) ...... 

Greetings 7070 Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and Earlyactors!  

Adieu September!

October is here! Summer is gone! The District Conference is only a couple of weeks away!

September was a great month:

  • Visited a number of clubs from corner to corner of our District

  • First meeting at the Tibetan Cultural Center for the creation of a new Rotary Club in District 7070

  • Presidents Elect Training Session # 3 - our trip to Rotary International Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois – thank you to Gina from Rotary International and Crystal from Paragon Travel. They have arranged a great trip. Thank you to Air Canada. They helped us share some special moments in terminal 2 at O’Hare…

  • Start of Fall – mother nature will paint the trees in a multitude of colours.

  • Zone 28 & 32 training – finally able to meet in person with the District Governors from our Zone

  • Rotary Foundation Walk – thank you to the clubs in region 2 (in the Regional Municipality of Durham) for a successful walk.


October is Economic and Community Development Month

Rotary supports investment in people to create measurable and enduring economic improvements in their lives and communities.

Rotary’s Goals:

  • Strengthening the development of local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities

  • Developing opportunities for decent and productive work, with a focus on women and youth

  • Building the capacity of local organizations and community networks to support economic development

  • Supporting studies related to economic and community development


We Have a Dream!

District Conference 14th -16th of October, Nottawasaga


After months of meetings, planning, and careful organization we have put together an amazing conference. Big Thank You to the Organizing Committee!

To dream is to imagine possibilities! We have 7 areas of focus. There are 7 primary colours, look at what artists are able to do with those seven colours. I urge to join us at Nottawasaga and dream what difference in the world can you make with the 7 areas of focus? Our conference will help you dream the possibilities. Please visit our website to register and learn more. Deadline is OCTOBER 3:

Just confirmed: Dr. Bob Scott will be speaking on Saturday about the Polio.

Thursday 20th of October:

WORLD POLIO DAY 2022 - LIVE from the Rotary Global Classroom at DURHAM COLLEGE in Oshawa, Ontario, CANADA

Friday 21st of October:

World Polio Flag Raising Ceremony Toronto City Hall 10 am.


My visits will continue this month, look forward to meet as many Rotarians from our District as I can, see you at one of the fundraisers or visit this coming month!

Yours in Rotary,


Iosif Ciosa   District 7070 Governor, 2022-23