Posted by Mark Chipman, District 7070 Governor , 2020-21

June is Rotary Fellowships Month:

In his June 2021 Newsletter, District Governor Mark Chipman focuses on fellowship that we enjoy in our Rotary Clubs and beyond. He talks about his own club fellowship, the dozens of Rotary Fellowships you can join and even the fellowship that we have at our District events like the Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup,  the June 25 - 26 District 7070 Conference, our June 30 District year End Celebration and many more............

Hello District 7070 Rotarians and the whole Rotary family:

Fellowships are Rotary International’s focus for the month of June.  Like many of you, Rotary has provided me with opportunities to give back to my community as well as meet lifelong friends – so many laughs and good times!  I look back on memorable events with my Rotary friends over the years including humanitarian trips to the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Laos, or hiking trips to such places as Killarney, England and Scotland.


This year with COVID, many Clubs have stayed connected and enjoyed fellowship through online events such as Trivia Night, cooking classes, wine tastings, dancing and cocktail parties.  When the opportunity permitted, Club members participated in local hikes or “drive-by” birthday celebrations. 
There is also the opportunity to join one of the dozens of world-wide Rotary Fellowships  on the website. Rotary Fellowships consist of members who share a common interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions including such interests as Beer, Jazz, LGBTQ, Bird Watching, Motorcycling, Golf, Yoga, Whiskey to name a few.  Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world and enhance your Rotary experience!
 Club meetings and social activities are happening throughout the district to keep Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors ‘connected’.  Join in and have fun!
Here are other fellowship activities taking place in June:
Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup.  15 Districts in 8 States and 2 Provinces are cleaning up nearby waterways or parks.   So awesome to see so many District 7070 clubs get out recently in groups of 5 or less and participate in the GLWC!!!!   Get your club members out there this week and next weekend!
District Conference Saturday, June 26, 9-noon – Join the exciting "Not to be missed" online conference.  Register NOW by clicking here.  Only $10, all going to The Rotary Foundation. 
Speakers will include incoming Rotary International Vide President Valarie Wafer, Superhero Evan Burrell, Honouring Indigenous People's Environmental Program, Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup Highlights, Shelterbox Canada (and overview of the Shelterbox Party on June 25) and more! 
In the afternoon, many clubs are carrying out Community Engagement events such as planting a flower garden at a seniors’ home or purchasing lunch for front line workers as a way of saying thank- you!
Evan Burrell will be one of our Keynote speakers on June 26.
Year end celebration - Mark your calendars - June 30. 7pm - a time for all of us to laugh and celebrate this crazy, memorable year together and give out a few awards.  Help welcome incoming District Governor Ron Dick and get a feel for the exciting year ahead. Register here.


Yours In Rotary, 


Mark Chipman

District 7070 Governor, 2020-21