To meet our challenge from our District Governor Mark Chipman, we are going to feature ONE "My Favourite Rotary Moment" every month. It could be YOUR "Favourite Rotary Moment". Let's go Rotarians and Rotaractors in District 7070 !! Let's meet the challenge. 

Here is District Governor Mark's challenge and here is all you have to do :

I challenge each of you and your members to submit your favourite moment and have it posted on Rotary 7070 social media.  

Please email a photo along with the following text to

ROTARIAN: (your name)
MEMBER SINCE: (year you joined Rotary)
A FAVOURITE ROTARY MOMENT: (brief outline of your moment…just a couple of sentences)
PERSONAL OUTCOME: (why this was a highlight to you. Ex: how did it make you feel, what positive outcome came from this.)

Let’s tell the world what we love about Rotary and why we are Rotarians! 

DG Mark


Who has the THIRD "My Favourite Rotary Moment" ? Please Read more....



A favourite Rotary Moment from Steve Rutledge, Rotary Club of Whitby-Sunrise.




A FAVOURITE ROTARY MOMENT: This is really about adding each year to the most fulfilling moment as a Rotarian. As I finish out my 10th year as an active member, there are so many memories and moments to choose from....more than most will experience in a lifetime. This moment is all about the kids.

PERSONAL OUTCOME: I never dreamed that we could make this much of a positive difference in the growth and health of children on the other side of the world until I met my first Rotarian. Throughout the many friendships and mentors in Rotary, I realized a humanitarian dream was really possible and in fact inevitable for me. To see an innocent child smile and enjoy life as it is served to them, despite the hardships of everyday living, fills my heart with absolute joy. What is extra special, happens at the end of a big project, whether it be the completion of a school and seeing the kids carry their new desks up from the river, or permanent water supply, when our team arrives to officially hand over the project to the village. With students, teachers and villagers, dressed in their school or traditional uniform, lined up on both sides of the pathway offering flowers and other cultural symbols to us with a genuine look of gratitude for what they have received, is too emotional to express in words. Thank you Rotary for what you have achieved and allowed us to experience throughout the world. I suppose the highlight was a write-up and student pictures in The Rotarian magazine.


A few extra photos: