An inclusive club culture is one where everyone feels welcome. New courses in the Learning Center can help you cultivate this kind of environment by learning ways to assess and improve your club.

  • Building a welcoming environment starts with talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Discussing these topics takes time and isn’t always easy. The Creating an Inclusive Club Culture course will help your club have these discussions, evaluate your policies and practices, and make changes to create a more inclusive culture. .....

  • Microaggressions are statements or actions that offend people or make them feel unwelcome by reinforcing negative stereotypes or asserting power dynamics. The Microaggressions course will help you to understand the harmful impact of such behavior and to respond in ways that uphold Rotary’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • A club whose members have different backgrounds and perspectives has a broader understanding of the community, the issues it faces, and possible solutions. Diverse clubs also attract more members, reflect Rotary’s core values, and expand our ability to make a difference. The Diversify Your Club course offers strategies for building relationships with new groups.

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