While building the Rotary Club of Port Hope Twitter account I noticed that some clubs in the district have multiple Twitter accounts. This can happen very easily as years go by. As people come and go from clubs, sometimes the information is not passed on or is forgotten. The problem is it can confuse and hinder your social media efforts. 

To find out if your club has multiple Twitter accounts, or any multiple social media accounts, do a search on the social media site of your clubs name and the word Rotary. This should produce a list where you can see if you have two accounts. You should delete the account that is not being used anymore. This may be difficult as it may be registered to a member that is not around anymore, but it should be doable. 

If any club is having any trouble deleting accounts and needs help, feel free to contact me. info@robmac.org

Also please remember I noticed a few clubs had multiple domain names registered. Although a problem as well, domains do expire so it should correct itself.

The District Facebook Fan Page is now regularly posting tips and help and social media.  Be sure to check them out.

One thing I have noticed is clubs are not posting enough content in my opinion. You should be posting events, news, milestones, and club anniversaries.

One other area I find that is overlooked is sending out press releases to local radio, tv, and print outlets. This is a great resource to help get the word out and raise awareness in your area. The same news, announcements, events, and milestones, that you would send out on social media, should also be sent to these outlets. In doing this, you could get calls for interviews, the release will be reprinted, and media may show up to your meetings from time to time.

Be safe and well...

Rob MacArthur

Rotary Club of Port Hope

District 7070 PI PI