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Were you able to attend the "Connecting with Prospective Members in Your Community" webinar?

Here it is. If you have any questions or comments, please submit them to:

The webinar recording and slide deck are posted here

Please feel free to share this link with other members of your club!

Looking for more information on how to manage membership leads, and build better relationships with prospective members? Here are a few resources we recommend:........

Here are a few resources we recommend:

• How to Manage Membership Leads (for clubs): Learn how to find and manage your online membership leads. (

• Online Membership Leads course: (My Rotary login required) This Learning Center course will show how a prospect experiences the membership leads process, and how club and district leaders can create a consistent, positive experience for prospective members. (

• Creating a Positive Experience for Prospective Members: Learn what you can do to ensure that prospects have a positive experience, regardless of whether they join. (

• Update Your Club Details: Make sure the information listed on My Rotary for where and how your club meets are correct so that prospective members know where to find you. (

If you have questions or comments regarding the webinar, please submit them to

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