Are you using the correct Rotary logo and theme logo on your club website and social media site (Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, etc) to convey that clear consistent Rotary message? Are you asking the public if they are interested in joining your club? Has your club participated in the club website refresh program? What Rotary signage does your club have set up in your community and is it working? Are you using graphics and music in the promotion of your club events and fundraisers ? Are those graphics borrowed or licensed by someone else? These are just some of the items we will be covering in this fast paced three hour District 7070 Public Image Workshop. We want you to be able to increase your club's public image so that you are attracting potential members, and friends of Rotary to your club.

Is there something else that you want to see presented in the workshop? Please let us know.

Location will be announced shortly. It may be zoom. Please register today. This workshop will be most useful to your club's Public Image Directors, chairs and committee members but anyone interested in boosting your club's public image can attend. Our goal is to have one person from each club.