Rotary is inviting members to join the Youth Advisory Council. This group of young leaders will advise the Board of Directors of Rotary International and help shape the future of the youth programs.

Apply here:   by August 5.  Please read more....

Apply to serve on the 2022-23 Youth Advisory Council! 

Youth voice is so important in making innovative, strategic, and lasting change for Rotary's youth programs – so join this movement to share your voice on behalf of young people around the world! Youth program participants, alumni, and Rotary members are invited to serve at the international level and advise the Board of Directors of Rotary International to shape the future of our youth programs. The Youth Advisory Council is comprised of two current Interactors or Interact alumni, two recent RYLA alumni, and two recent Rotary Youth Exchange alumni, three member (Rotarian or Rotaractor) advisers with experience in youth programming either as program alumni or as club/district leaders.

We are seeking applicants to fill the Rotary Youth Exchange and RYLA participant/recent alumni and adviser positions only with this application. The Interact representatives to this Council will be appointed to this Council from the already selected Interact Advisory Council.

The Council will:

  • provide recommendations for the most effective and sustainable structure for continued representation of youth and program participants at Rotary’s International level

  • create innovative programming that connects volunteers and youth from all across the world

  • further collaboration of Interactors, RYLA and Youth Exchange alumni with Rotaractors and Rotarians, advising on how to strengthen and encourage life-long connections to Rotary International



Applicants must be a current Youth Exchange and RYLA program participants, alumni, or Rotary/Rotaract member at the time of application and must plan to be an active through 30 June 2023. Youth applicants must also be at least 13 years of age at the time of application.

Complete the application, including a video, as outlined below.

The application must be submitted before Friday, 5 August at 11:59 PM - UTC-5 (Chicago Time). Applicants must be able to communicate in English. 


All council members must:

  • be able and willing to participate in 2-3 virtual meetings and collaborate through email (for an approximate commitment of 20-30 hours), while being able to meet your personal commitments to school, family, work, club, etc;

  • be passionate about Rotary's Programs for Young Leaders and have innovative ideas aligned with Rotary’s Action Plan; and uphold the Four-Way Test, adhere to Rotary’s youth protection policies, and commit to ensuring an inclusive, safe, and respectful environment in all interactions. 


The application contains the following sections:

  • Applicant information – We’ll ask for your name, age, and contact information; 

  • Rotary background –  We’ll ask for club membership (current or previous), participation in club, district, zone and international roles and activities, as well as other Rotary programs. 

  • Short answers – We’ll ask a few questions about your ideas and experience and how you will help achieve the goals outlined for the Youth Advisory Council.

  • Video application – We’ll ask you to record and upload a short video (no more than 60 seconds) so you can tell us in your own voice why you think you should be selected for the opportunity.



  • Your video must be your original creation;

  • Video must not exceed sixty (60) seconds in length;

  • Video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and shared with a URL.

  • Video must not contain music or other materials owned by others; and video must not include other people or disparaging, inaccurate, or untrue remarks about other people.

  • Videos in English or containing English subtitles are preferred. 


Rotary will disqualify any application that includes a video that does not adhere to the requirements set forth above. Rotary shall not be liable in any way for injuries to persons or damages to property incurred or suffered by anyone involved in the creation of a video or submission of a video to Rotary.


Any personal information collected from you is subject to Rotary’s Privacy Policy. You understand and agree that Rotary will share your video with individuals reviewing your Application and delete the videos after the selection process.