Posted by Dani Bristow, Community Program Coordinator, ShelterBox Canada

In her June 2021 Newsletter, Dani Bristow, Community Program Coordinator at ShelterBox Canada, thanks to our compassion and dedication to humanitarian values, Rotarians have now supported 2 million people in 98 countries around the world with emergency shelter. While it took 15 years to help 1 million people, Rotarians  have helped Shelterbox reach their second million in the space of just 5.5 years. Here's more of her newsletter.....

ShelterBox Update JUNE 2021:

You’ve helped two million people!

Thanks to your compassion and dedication to humanitarian values, together with Rotary we have now supported 2 million people in 98 countries around the world with emergency shelter.

While it took 15 years to help 1 million people, you have helped us reach our second million in the space of just 5.5 years. That’s two million people who have been able to recover after disaster and conflict, all thanks to YOU!

20 years ago ShelterBox began as a millennial project at the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard in the UK. It is only because of your support, and the support of Rotarians and Rotary Clubs around the world, that we’ve been able to grow into the global organization we are today. Thank you for ensuring no family is without shelter after disaster.

Each year more and more families lose their homes to disaster or conflict. In 2019 alone 104 million people lost their homes.

Together, we are working to ensure no family is without shelter. But we can’t do it alone. We rely on our global partnership with Rotary International to get aid to the families who need it the most. And we rely on Rotarians like you to help us get it there. Join us today by making a donation or by getting your club involved. Your support of ShelterBox Canada means more families have a place to call home. More families have shelter, water, and the tools they need to rebuild their lives. Find out more:

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Read our Current Operations to see more countries your support is working in.

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Shelterbox and Rotary - Partnership In Action: Together, ShelterBox and Rotary are providing hope, security and the means to recover after disasters strike.See, and hear, what this looks like on the ground. This video shows some of our most recent responses where this partnership has made a world of difference.

In Sri Lanka, Rotarians supported us with translation, transportation, local knowledge and connections with local authorities to provide shelter for communities after landslides caused mass devastation. In Peru, Rotary not only helped us identify families in need of support following heavy rainfall and flooding, but aided us in distributing ShelterKits to repair and rebuild homes.

An exciting new development in our partnership is the creation of a new operations base in the Philippines. This in-country office was created by working closely with Rotary groups, and will allow us to get vital emergency shelter to vulnerable families even quicker.

ShelterBox has responded to disasters in the Philippines 25 times and we have worked together with Rotary in every response. Collaborating with Rotary to create ShelterBox Operations Philippines was a natural next step.

Dani Bristow

Community Program Coordinator, ShelterBox Canada

Member of the  Rotaract Club of Sarnia-Lambton


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Did you know that there is a Rotary and ShelterBox Support Group on Facebook? It is a group that brings together Rotarians, ShelterBox Supporters, Staff and ShelterBox Response Teams to discuss all things ShelterBox and Rotary. It is a great place to see the latest operations updates, Rotary deployment information and video content to share with your Rotary Club. If you would like to join the group and conversation, please search for “Rotary and ShelterBox Support Group” on Facebook and ask to join the conversation!



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The Coronavirus is still affecting how aid is delivered, but disasters haven't stopped! Distributions are still on their way to families surviving disaster, and now include soap and wash buckets to reduce the spread and our partners are adapting to social distancing measures. Check out our current operations to see how you are still helping families recover.  Learn More


ShelterBox has responded in the Philippines more often than any other country.: In 2017, ShelterBox Operations Philippines (SBOP) was established as a locally registered NGO. See how SBOP allows us to respond faster and distribute your aid quickly and efficiently within the country, as soon as disaster strikes.  Read More

REBUILDING AFTER CYCLONE HAROLD : Cyclone Harold devastated communities across the island of Vanuatu last year. But thanks to your support, families and communities have been able to rebuild their homes, their livelihoods, and their communities. Community togetherness is so important to the survival and growth of a village after a disaster such as Cyclone Harold. The neighbours of Hotwota community worked together to rebuild, but the tools and support you provided allowed them to build back quick and stronger. Please read Shelley's story of survival to see how your support has helped Shelley, her son, and her entire village rebuild after the devastating affects of Cyclone Harold.  Read Shelley's Story

About ShelterBox Canada: Canada is a registered charity that has been a part of the global ShelterBox network since 2010. We have a team of over 120 volunteers across the country who share their passion with us and help us raise awareness and fundraise across the country. There are ten Canadian ShelterBox Response Team members who work tirelessly with the rest of the International Response Team to deliver aid to families who need it around the world. To learn more about our board and staff click here .

ShelterBox and Rotary are official project partners in international disaster relief. ShelterBox is a registered charity independent of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation.  Since  2012, we have been neighbours, friends and community leaders. Their aim is to create positive, lasting change in communities at home and all over the world.project partners with Rotary International, a global community of 1.2 million. Rotary has supported ShelterBox from the start when a local club championed the simple idea to package up essential shelter items in our now-iconic ShelterBoxes. As ShelterBox grew, so did Rotary support, and we are now international project partners in disaster relief. This partnership has helped us to become who we are today. Our global network of ShelterBox affiliates, which provides all-round assistance, evolved from Rotary relationships.



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