Posted by Sue Miller, District 7070 Public Image Committee

Social media is part of our everyday lives, both personally and professionally. To stay connected with your members and community, you need more than a club website; you need a strong social media presence too. 

Each day throughout this series, Sue Miller of the District 7070 Public Image Committee, posted a series of quick tips to help you build, improve, and strengthen your social media posts and keep them up-to-date. Go to the Facebook Page and Boost Your Club's Public Image.

While you are there, look for the new "Why Rotary" Series of posts that Sue Miller has featured for you and your Rotary Club. Share these posts too in your social media accounts. #whyrotary #rotary7070 ......

Why Rotary? Global reach. Our 1.2 million members span the globe, uniting people who have a common desire to serve others. From teaching children to read in Ecuador to a microcredit program in Indonesia, Rotary International members identify local problems and use Rotary’s vast network and the resources of the Rotary Foundation to take action in their communities. Your gift makes a difference. This year give to the Rotary Foundation. #rotary7070 #whyrotary #givingtuesday #rotary

Why Rotary? A record of success. Rotary International unites leaders who have the skills and resources to tackle some of the world’s most difficult problems and deliver sustainable, long-lasting results. For decades, Rotary has been a leader in the battle against polio and has caused cases to plummet from 350,000 in 1988 to only a handful this year. Rotary members have also achieved notable results in other areas, such as eradicating Guinea worm disease in Ghana. This year give the gift of Rotary.   #rotary7070 #whyrotary #givingtuesday #rotary


Why Rotary? We save mothers and children. An estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, inadequate health care, and poor sanitation. More than 800 women die every day from birth- and pregnancy-related complications.Rotary is saving lives by supplying birthing kits, immunizations, neonatal care equipment, and medical training. With access to quality care, mothers and children live longer and healthier lives, and Rotary International is providing that care. This year have the Rotary Foundation be your charity of choice. #whyrotary #givingtuesday #rotary


Why Rotary? We provide clean water and sanitation. The statistics are alarming. Worldwide, one person in every 10 does not have access to safe water, and 2.3 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation. One consequence: 900 children under age five die each day from diarrheal diseases. Having clean water and sanitation is a human right. Rotary International members integrate water, sanitation, and hygiene into education projects. When children learn about disease transmission and practice good hygiene, they miss less school. When people, especially children, have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, they lead healthier and more successful lives. Rotary is helping to make clean water available to everyone by 2030. To donate, go to  #rotary7070 #whyrotary #cleanwater #givingtuesday


Why Rotary? We build peace. Each year, armed conflict and persecution displace, injure, or kill millions of people. More than 90 percent of them are civilians, and half are children. Rotary projects provide training that fosters understanding and provides communities with the skills to resolve conflicts. Our members are taking action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources. Giving Tuesday happens once a year, but your gift of Rotary will make a difference for a lifetime. This Giving Tuesday, consider making a special gift to The Rotary Foundation and together we can continue Doing Good in the World.  #rotary7070 #whyrotary #peace #givingtuesday

Why Rotary? We fight disease around the world. Start the holiday season on a charitable note by donating on Giving Tuesday (December 1st). Rotary should be your charity of choice—here’s one reason why... For decades, Rotary International has been a leader in the battle against polio and has kept the pressure on as worldwide cases plummeted. Your impact will be even greater, thanks to a 2-to-1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All donations (up to $50 million) to end polio will be tripled, providing critical funding to our work to create a polio-free world. Also, Rotary's worldwide Polio Plus program has not only nearly eradicated the disease, it has created an infrastructure which is now being utilized to fight Covid-19. To donate, go to #givingtuesday #whyrotary


Why Rotary? Impact. We partner with other organizations to increase our impact and make your donations work even harder. When you give to PolioPlus, for example, you have the satisfaction of knowing that every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication is matched by $2 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Thanks to this partnership, all donations to end polio (up to $50 million per year) are tripled, providing critical funding toward creating a polio-free world. This year, give to the Rotary Foundation. #whyrotary #givingtuesday #rotary

Why Rotary? We teach people to read. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy. We support education for all children and literacy for children and adults through mentoring, scholarships, teacher training, and access to learning opportunities. Make Rotary your charity of choice this year. To donate, go to #whyrotary #education #givingtuesday