Posted by Past District Governor Ted Morrison, Chair District 7070 Annual Fund Chair

Dear fellow Rotarians and all of the members of the District 7070 Rotary family,

Great news, at the recent meeting of District 7070 Foundation Committee meeting, it was reported that all 55 out of our 55 clubs have submitted Annual Fund goals in MyRotary for a totalling over  of $ 184,000  Click here to Donate Now

So far, several clubs have surpassed their Annual Fund goal,  and many of you are still working toward your club's Annual Fund goal. As we near the end of the Rotary year, let’s strive to meet these goals.  For those clubs that have surpassed their goal – thank you!  Perhaps there is an opportunity to donate a bit more!  The world needs the Rotary Foundation more today than it ever has in its history. The Covid-19 pandemic has really put stress on the Rotary Foundation. Over 40 million dollars has been given in grants to clubs around the world to assist in the fight against the pandemic. Rotarians should be proud of the immediate response by our organization to fight this world health crisis.......

Our Rotary Foundation needs your donations now more than ever. We remind you of EREY- every Rotarian every year- meaning that every Rotarian should donate to the Foundation every year. The “R” means Rotarian. Some clubs are donating to the Foundation for their members and as a result in those clubs Rotarians don’t feel they have to donate because the club has done so on their behalf.  In some clubs we have gotten away from individual Rotarians making donations. We must put the “R” back in EREY.

We are almost at the end of this Rotary year. All 55 clubs have set a goal for the Rotary Foundation (annual fund). That’s great!!  Not only have clubs set their goals but over half of the clubs have already reached their set goals. However, some clubs should re-examine their goal to ensure it is appropriate and not set unrealistically low.

We want to remind everyone that in three years, half of the money donated this year to TRF will come back to us as District Designated Funds. These funds (DDF) are used to give back to your clubs as district or global grants. Right now, the sum of all the goals is low and that means in three years we may not have enough money to fulfil all the club requests for grants.

So let’s redouble our efforts and do our duty to support our Foundation. If you haven’t given yet, please do so. If you have given, consider making an additional donation. The Foundation will thank you—the world will thank you.

Ted Morrison

Annual Fund Chair, District 7070