Rotary Foundation Project Bank for 2020

We are pleased to highlight a list of Rotary Foundation Projects that are looking for partners.

We are now publishing brief presentations of projects from District 7070 Clubs as well as other Districts in the Rotary world.  For each project, you will find a brief summary of the project, including project title, Global Grant project number (if known), area of focus, location of the project and contact information. 

To view these projects, look in the attached files for more information.

Every year, the District Governor and District receive many Global Grant project proposals from Clubs and Districts around the world.  They are requesting funding, District Designated Funds (DDF)  and Club contribution, to important and interesting projects.  Clubs in our District are doing the same, contacting other Clubs in our District and globally.  It is a way of raising funds for projects.

Unfortunately, the District can’t support each request from other Districts with DDF.  Our general policy says, that the District may match Club cash support dollar for dollar up to $5,000 per Club and project.  The word may is important.  There is just a limited amount of DDF available each year.  At the same time, we want every project to get some DDF, as the Rotary Foundation is matching DDF 100%, Club cash 50%.  We apply these rules to all projects, whether D7070 Clubs are the lead Club or ‘just’ sponsoring projects from other Districts

We want Clubs in D7070 to post their Global Grant proposals on this Foundation Project Bank site.  It is a tool to find sponsor Clubs for projects in addition to visiting Clubs.  In addition, by visiting the District 7070 website and the Foundation Project Bank, Clubs can find projects they may want to support.  The project information will be kept on the website for six months, unless Clubs request to have the information taken down sooner.

Please contact PDG Lars Henriksson, District Foundation Sub Committee Committee Chair, regarding potential DDF (District Designated Fund) matching of Club cash contributions.  Lars can be reached at or tel. 416-489 8438.