Raseema Alam

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Raseema Alam (MA, International Relations and Rotary World Peace Fellow) is a former diplomat with the Government of Canada. Her most recent assignment was as the First Secretary for Development for the Canadian International Development Agency in Afghanistan. She has worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Timor-Leste. Her current assignment is with the World Bank as an advisor to develop the health system in Afghanistan. With more than 15 years of experience in developing countries, she is a specialist in providing development assistance in conflict states.

In Ottawa, her assignments have included work on developing Canada’s corporate social responsibility policy, Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force, Evaluation and Audit, Canada’s engagement with the World Bank and the Afghanistan-Pakistan Task Force.

Ms. Alam received a Minister’s award of recognition for her contribution to Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan. Ms. Alam is fluent in both of Canada’s official languages.