Top 50 Ways To Attract New Members

50 Ideas to Recruit / Retain Members

1.       It sounds simple, but the most effective way we have found is ….”Ask Someone”

2.       Repeatedly invite prospective members - unless you get a definitive “no” from them.

3.       Ensure that prospective members feel important. Everyone should speak with them

4.       Make your meetings FUN.  Change up the agenda, make some meetings social events 

5.       Have a clear membership goal for your club, develop a strategic plan & establish a budget.

6.       Hold a club assembly on membership to ensure every member is on board with the club plan

7.       Have a membership minute at every club meeting

8.       Have incentives for recruitment – make it fun and exciting for your members

9.       Reward Rotarians who bring in new members – recognize a job well done

10.   Everyone needs a one minute “elevator speech” about Rotary. Practice them your club meetings

11.   Engage your entire club – work together to invite at least one prospect to each club meeting

12.   Assign a knowledgeable & sales oriented Rotarian to follow up with guests and report back.

13.   Tell your club story in community newspapers and on local radio & TV

14.   Write letters (not email) to make personal contact with local business / professional people.

15.   Prospect through your local Chamber of Commerce, BIA, or use a business directory.

16.   Invite family members to join – spouse, sibling, parent, child. They already know Rotary.

17.   Strive to recruit more women into your club.

18.   Strive to accomplish ethnic diversity in your club.  Does the club reflect your community?

19.   Hold recruiting events with other Rotary clubs in your area for bigger impact.

20.   Host an open house at your club, inviting local business people – perhaps a wine and cheese.

21.   Ask Rotary Foundation alumni to join your club

22.   Put together a guest information package to tell your story - have a new member kit

23.   Advertise the service projects your club does that serve a need in the community

24.   Provide guests with a free meal for their initial visit

25.   Print invitations to club meeting. State time, location & offer “Free” lunch (breakfast, dinner)

26.   Ask corporations to sponsor membership – i.e. the local bank, car dealer, etc

27.   Consider flexibility with your dues structure especially if recruiting younger members.

28.   Conduct high-profile meetings. Invite the media to cover well known speakers

29.   Send club members to the district membership seminar and district assembly.

30.   Ensure your club website is current and contains membership information

31.   Update your club’s classification survey – who’s missing in your club?

32.   Ask the district membership development committee for help

33.   Participate in non-Rotary community events – be a presence in the community

34.   Communicate with the press about your local / international projects (PolioPlus). 

35.   If a prospect is unable to attend your meetings, introduce them to another club

36.   Proudly wear your Rotary pin at all times

37.   Send your club bulletin to your guests and prospects

38.   Do a monthly prospect roundup - ask every member to submit names to the membership chair

39.   Ask every club member to display the Rotary decal on their car

40.   Make sure your meeting venue meets your needs – food, accessibility, transit, cost, atmosphere

41.   Review your strategic plan monthly - membership is a year round priority

42.   Chart your progress - display a thermometer or other graph

43.   Include “Why I am a Rotarian” in your club newsletter & website

44.   Keep in touch with members who have resigned – invite them to participate as associates

45.   Ask Rotarians to advertise Rotary in their business or profession

46.   Use M & M candy “Membership Matters” or “Get Your Ask In Gear” buttons to remind members of the priority of membership development.

47.   Establish a “Retention Plan” for the club – is every members engaged in activities?

48.   Conduct a Membership satisfaction survey

49.   Subscribe to the Rotary Membership Minute on the RI web site

50.   RI has lots of membership materials -