In his April 2024 Newsletter, District 7070 Governor John Burns, Agent 7070, reminds us that April is Environmental Month and urges us to take action and make an impact in out communities, such as the 2024 Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup. He thanks Bob Wallace on learning Tuesdays Rotary Foundation program, and Johanna deBoer on the International Women's day event in the Rotary Global Classroom at Durham College. Our District Governor reminds us of many events coming up in April:  Learning Tuesdays  "Rotary - What's In a Name", Rotary Leadership Institute, the District 7070 Environmental Symposium, and Bowmanville's 100th Anniversary, and the District Assembly (on June 1). Please plan now............

With Environmental Sustainability taking root within Rotary as the 7th Area of Focus, Rotary has designated April 2024 as the Environment Month. Check the link below to see what Rotarians around the world are doing to improve the health of planet.

Within District 7070, most clubs are participating in the Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup. On Saturday April 27, 2024, thousands of Rotarians & Non-Rotarians alike, on both sides of the Canadian and U.S. border will roll up their sleeves to collect refuse along the shoreline, and innumerable waterway tributaries to the Great Lakes basin......

Another Rotary District 7070 success: On Friday, March 8, 2024, we embraced women and equity in Rotary District 7070 as we celebrated the women of Rotary District 7070 with the 2024 Rotary District 7070 International Women's Day LIVE from the Rotary Global Classroom at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario Canada. It was an evening of fellowship, learning and empowerment as we learned about female led initiatives in Rotary District 7070 from Rotarian Paige Fernandes (Toronto Leaside), Jennifer Boyd (Scarborough Passport), Nakita Williams (Toronto), Janet Thorsteinson (Whitby-Sunrise), Debbie Morgan (Whitby Sunrise) and Lisa Davenport (Bowmanville), and from Allison Fox (Rotary in the UK).

Thank you to Rotary District 7070 Governor John Burns , and Durham College President Dr Elaine Popp for opening the evening presentations, and Durham College Professor Lon Appleby for hosting our night in the Rotary Global Classroom. Special thanks to Rotarian Johanna De Boer from the Whitby Sunrise Club for organizing another successful International Women's Day in District 7070. See the photos in the District 7070 Photo albums. We now have a You Tube recording of the event :     ...... 


Thank you to the District 7070 Rotary Foundation Chair Bob Wallace and his committee for another successful  Learning Tuesdays Zoom  - "The Importance of The Rotary Foundation" on March 12, 2024. The recording will be soon available on the Rotary District 7070 You Tube Channel. Past District Governor Bob Wallace, the Chair of our Rotary District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee welcomed keynote speaker, Chris Etienne Rotary International Director Elect for our Rotary Zones 28 & 32, who talked about  the overall importance of the Foundation.

Would Rotary exist without the Foundation?  

There were stories about:  the outcomes of grants, Polio, and the Endowment Fund and 2025 by 2025, and that it is our money for us to use on district and global grants.  If you missed the original version, be sure to tune in to recording. Available soon. 


Rotary and Rotaract Clubs that want to apply for District Grants in the 2024-25 Rotary year must submit their applications between March 1 – May 31, 2024.  Applications are made on the application form found under the Rotary Foundation tab on the District’s website, 

The Club applying for the Grant must be qualified for the 2024-25 Rotary year.  Supporting Clubs are also encouraged to become qualified. 

Please, note that an application for a District Grant is not a guarantee for a grant.  Applications are evaluated by the District Grants Sub-Committee.  Final decision will be made by the Rotary Foundation, which they approve the Spending Plan submitted by D7070 in July 2024.

For more information, please contact PDG Lars Henriksson,

Our 4th Annual Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup Event (GLWC) is quickly approaching!  Please mark your calendar for Saturday April 27, 2024.  More information will come from your District Environmental Action Committee very soon. Thank you - Dan Coombes - Chair GLWC (

What is your club doing ?  What are you planning? Here's one example.....

At The Second Marsh in Oshawa, Ontario, the Rotary Clubs of Oshawa, Oshawa-Parkwood and Courtice and civic leaders will be helping the Friends of The Second Marsh to clean up the Second Marsh on Lake Ontario. The SECOND MARSH is a 137 ha coastal wetland located in the southeast portion of Oshawa, (Regional Municipality of Durham), Ontario, Canada.  The combination of Second Marsh with the adjacent areas of McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve and Darlington Provincial Park represents nearly 400 hectares, one of the largest publicly accessible waterfront spaces available in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  It is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario in a major urban center, and is unique in being the largest remaining wetland in the GTA.

For even more ideas....... Please Read more .......


By popular demand, please join us for a Rotary Public Image presentation on "Rotary --- What's In a Name!"     Tuesday, April 16, 2024  7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (Toronto Time) on Zoom

In the second Learning Tuesdays on Public Image, please join Rotary International Zone 28 Rotary Public Image Coordinator Mary Lou Harrison, and Zone 32 Rotary Public Image Coordinator as they will present:

- - A refresher on correct logo usage

- - How to use and protect the Rotary name and why it's so important

- - Next steps if you are currently using the Rotary name

- - Q&A - There will be time scheduled to ask your questions.......... our distinguished panel will be glad to answer them. Laura Spear and Mary Lou will be joined by Liz Thiam, Global Brand Specialist at Rotary International, to answer your questions....... Please read more.......



In a complex, fast-changing world, excellent Rotary club leadership is essential to the future of Rotary.  One of the best ways to strengthen your Club is to give your members the tools and skills to be better Rotarians.  Rotary Leadership Institute is the solution.  This is your opportunity to learn more about Rotary and share your ideas with other Rotarians, and it is a great learning experience for newer Rotarians, for your incoming Board of Directors, and for any Rotarian who wants to learn more about Rotary.  Here is more of the story........

We need help recruiting other Rotarians to go to Brush-a-mania schools and represent Rotary.  Brush-a-mania is a Rotary program and it would be nice if there was a Rotarian at every school to emcee and lead the assembly. Brush-a-mania is a not-for-profit program designed to promote oral health and awareness among young children from Junior Kindergarten to grade 6. It was started in 2001 by the Scarborough Rotary Passport Club and has already reached over 650,000 students. Our purpose is to educate and motivate children and to bring together dentists, Rotarians, teachers and parents to create a celebration around proper dental care. Read more about this great project and see how you and your Rotary Club can  help.....

Exciting news from Rotary Club of Peterborough

🥌 The Rotary World Curling Championships are in Peterborough in April 2024!   This prestigious event, talking place from Friday April 5 - 12, 2024, will be a clash of 23 top-tier teams from the powerhouse curling nations of Canada, the USA, Scotland, and England. Each team has battled through national Rotary curling competitions to secure their spot in this global spectacle. We invite sponsors to gain visibility during this exciting event. Partner with us to showcase your brand to a passionate audience and support this global celebration of sport and fellowship.

Interested in Sponsoring? Contact:

Learn more about the International Curling Fellowship of Rotarians:

The Rotary Foundation requires Rotary and Rotaract Clubs that want to apply for Global and District Grants to be qualified.  Clubs are qualified when two of its members have successfully completed the two on-line quizzes connected to the training modules.  In addition, the President and President Elect of Clubs must sign and submit the MOU – Memorandum Of Understanding to the District.  The qualification is valid for one Rotary year. All documents for the 2024-25 Rotary year are posted under the Rotary Foundation tab on the District’s website,   For any questions, please contact PDG Lars Henriksson, District Grants Sub-Committee Chair at

REMEMBER: To qualify, a Club must have at least two of its members complete the qualification process.  In addition, the Club must submit an MOU to the District, signed by the President and President Elect.   Please Read more for details.............

District Governor Elect VIRGINIA O'REILLY INVITES YOU TO 2024 DISTRICT 7070 CONFERENCE on OCTOBER 25 - 27, 2024.


REGISTRATION  Price $319.00 + HST ( expires June 30, 2024)........  Price $349.00 + HST (Until Conference ). PLEASE REGISTER HERE


We are a new Rotaract club in the district. We are an e-club that spans over the entire district 7070. We’ve approached you today to let you know we are actively recruiting future Rotaractors. So if you know any individuals who might be interested feel free to get them to sign up using our sign-up sheet in our bio or by emailing us directly. We are looking forward to learning more and creating a partnership with your club. Feel free to reach us at If interested. 

Our goals:

- To give Rotaractors a home after they graduate from a university-based Rotaract club

- To address service area gaps in Rotaract programs

- To foster and grow Rotaract in the District

- To be a central club that allows for tracking numbers and coordinating large-scale events like the Rotaract District Conference

-  To be an access point between Rotaract and Rotary Clubs

- To be an inclusive space that builds goodwill and better friendships

- To foster Rotarians of the future

- To be a fun club where young professionals and university students get to network, and develop under rotary.   

We look for your support in making this a reality. 

Additionally below is our Linktree containing our social media and Sign-up Sheet, please circulate it to your club and networks.

Please Read more to see the poster....


Dear fellow Rotarians in District 7070,

Rotarians in District 7070 have been committed to The Annual Programs Fund of the Rotary Foundation. You should be proud of the difference that Rotary have made in the lives of millions of people throughout the world by the project funded by The Rotary Foundation.

I want to thank you for your past efforts and ask that you recommit to helping us raise funds for The Annual Programs Fund of the Rotary Foundation.

We are inviting you to join our efforts to continue for The Annual Programs Fund of the Rotary Foundation.  To become a member of the Paul Harris Society you are asked to commit to making an annual donation of $1000 USD or more to The Annual Programs Fund of the Rotary Foundation.

We hope that with your commitment in joining the Paul Harris Society, we will make a significant difference in our world.

To sign up go to


Bob Wallace

Past District Governor

Chair, District 7070 Rotary Foundation Committee

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